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With the reform and opening up, Nanjing Dongpei Group has gone through more than 20 years of ups and downs. Since the company obtained the import and export right in 1988, it has always taken values as the core, pursued the common cause, and guided by professional ethics and related systems and management, inspiring employees' sense of responsibility and creativity, fostering corporate team spirit, and improving the company. Overall efficiency. Over the years, the company has continuously integrated and enhanced the corporate culture with the characteristics of Dongpei Group: by integrating various values and clarifying corporate goals, it guides the development direction of the company; by improving the quality of all employees, cultivating excellent teams, and consolidating the team's health Growth; strengthen internal standardized operations by implementing cultural management and standardizing corporate behavior; invigorating morale and improving the performance of all employees by strengthening incentives and improving work efficiency; and promoting innovation and innovation in enterprises by promoting innovation and development and enhancing competitiveness ; Establish and enhance the corporate image by creating a brand culture. Over the years, with the company's growth, Dongpei Group actively explores, strives to cultivate, and constantly improves its unique corporate culture, and always adheres to infiltrating the core connotation of corporate culture into the company's operations, reforms, developments and management practices. As a result, it has played a subtle and silent role, enabling the company to make a huge leap from spiritual to material. Passion and sweat cast the past, and reason and strength make the future. In the future journey, we will closely focus on the development strategy of the group company, with core team construction as the core and human resource management system construction as the basis to strengthen the leading role of corporate culture, accelerate the pace of cultivating innovative talents, and create a Support a uniform team of employees with a strong work style, reasonable structure, good skills, and orderly replacement. Development is the inexhaustible driving force of Dongpei Group, and innovation is the soul of Dongpei Group's life. In the face of challenges and risks, we will continue to maintain the spirit of hard work and courage to face difficulties. We will regard "building a first-class value-win-win platform" as our mission for enterprise development, in order to integrate resources, realize brand strategy, and implement forward-backward integration. We will transform our strategy and create value as our own responsibility. We are committed to the perfect integration of resources such as individuals, enterprises and society. We will build a corporate platform where teams and individuals grow together to achieve a win-win situation for individuals, enterprises and society.